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"Why is the Marshadow trying to seduce me" - Raketwerper (Rokettoranchā,ロケットランチャー)


Close to Me in a long ranged stand owned by the user named "Raketwerper", often shortened to Raket. Its main gimmick is that it is able to travel at high speeds and fire at high rates, this making the opponent often overwhelmed, making it a difficult opponent for short ranged stands such as Those Who Have Fallen and Rhinestone Eyes who rely on close ranged combat skills for the most part.


Close To Me has the appearance of a bunch of blue squares with white centers, where the pellets/bullets come out of, along with triangular ears


Division: Close To Me can divide into multiple smaller versions of itself

Joining together: Close To Me can revert division and join together into a bigger version

Pew Pew Pew: Close to me can shoot bullets through the white part of its body

Hell Speed: 2 copies of Close To Me attach to the users feet and start firing. Making the user run at 100 mph

Talk To Me: Anytime Raket hits an enemy with a powerful attack with his stand 'Close To Me', Raket will be able to ask the enemy a question that they will be forced to tell the truth too.

This can be used in various different ways, Such as knowing their next attack, figuring out their major weakness, etc.


  • Despite everything and contrary to Window's beliefs, Raket is not a furry.
  • Close To Me was based around the game "Just Shapes and Beats".
    • The specific level it was based off of is titled "Close To Me" where your square friend is corrupted by a red corruption and you are forced to fight back against it to save them.