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This shall be the battle of eternity. Go ahead, kill the clones, YOU SHALL NEVER WIN!” -


Cloning Universe is a stand capable of creating clones.


The appearance is as same as the user, however the portals are neon pink/purple.

Moveset & Passive

Each clone gets 1.3x weaker overtime, and bringing items will have less effect each item. But the first item is the strongest. The weakness passive resets after 5 clones

Key Name Descripton
Clone Barrage They bring out multiple clones to barrage for them.
Clone Combo The user brings out their clone. One punches in front of them, then the clone behind the target will slam them to the ground
Clone Item The user can bring in an item, such as a gun, or anything, just as long as the user is physically strong enough to carry them. (Note: They’re about to carry about 150 pounds).
Clone Medic The user uses a clone to grab something that can heal them. Like the passive, each heal is weaker over time.
Clone Spell The user brings out a magical clone, which does a spell that stuns the opponent in front of them for 4 seconds.
Clone Car The user makes a clone that throws a car in front of them. It does a huge explosion with big damage.
Clone Illusion The user summons 9 clones, and can swap place with each of them by using number keys
Clone Boost The user makes a clone that can double jump then in the air. One jump is one stand jump high, and the 2nd is another stand jump high. This move is not affected by the passive