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"You are already dead, and already dead before you know it." - Chezz/Collin


Chezz's fighting style, also known as Tōki Release, which is what Chezz's Bitter Symphony, his stand calls it. This fighting style uses Tōki, a type of Ki energy which resides in every living thing. The only known person to have fully mastered this technique is Chezz. Only stand users can master this, however, because if you don't have a stand, you wouldn't have enough TōKi energy powered, a stand composition consists of Tōki, with a stand you would have much more Tōki than before.


Uhm there isn't anything changed except a blue aura that has a fading effect?


This specialty is unique, as it uses the Tōki stored in the user's body and drives them to the pressure point of the enemy, causing certain effect, eg; Paralysis, seizure, and others.


(This is a list of techniques, tell you there are A LOT and this section is currently a work in progress.)

There are three types of techniques, Basic, Pressure, and End bringer. Basic means a basic attack e, Pressure means it does something specific to the pressure point and pressure point ONLY. End bringer usually 1 shots the enemy.

BASIC: "Ole' One Two"

BThe Ole' One Two enables the users fist with Tōki, this allows them to have greater power in fist strikes and they do 2 punches e.

PRESSURE: "Menace"

Menace is a punch to a pressure point at the nose, Tōki overflows into the nose and makes the enemy have involuntary reverse back walking.

END BRINGER: "Symphony of Death"

The user uses Tōki to kick their crotch which overflows the pressure point there and paralyzes the enemy's legs, making them fall, while this happens the user round their leg around the enemy's neck and snaps it.

BASIC: "Rising Dragon"

Rising dragon fills their fist with Tōki and they jump up while doing an uppercut.

PRESSURE: "Killing Machine"

Killing machine overflows a pressure point in the forehead to give the enemy a 7 second lasting seizure.

PRESSURE: "The Only Thing They Fear is YOU"

TOTTFIY overflows a pressure point in the side of the head to give the enemy temporary paranoia and hallucinations.

PRESSURE: "Nourish Strike"

This move, unlike any other move is a helpful techniwue. It "specially" drives Tōki into the pressure point of someone to heal them or cure pains and illnesses. (Only affects the body part that was struck)

END BRINGER: "Absorption Strike"

The user absorbs all of the Tōki in the enemy's body, without any Tōki, their spirit will slowly die out.

PRESSURE: "Spiritual Transmissions"

Spiritual Transmission allows the user to grab an Ally's hand, : "specially" launching a current of Tōki in all of the pressure points, making the ally unlock this specialty for a limited time.


  • This specialty is based off Hokuto Shinken, an ability in the series, Fist of The North Star, with a similar ability.
  • Tōki is composed of 65 percent life energy, 20 percent phosphorus, 10 percent of the air you breathe in and 5 percent other unknown stuff.
  • Stands are actually composed of Tōki, because Tōki is technically spiritual energy.
  • The technique: PRESSURE: "The Only Thing They Fear is YOU" is a reference to the DOOM Eternal OST of the same name.