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"Yeah im going to keep pulling things out of nowhere, don't care if it annoys you a lot." -


Breakthrough is a spec with unknown origins, people who have use of this have either came into a Legendary item like Excalibur (It also been said the ability created the sword itself) or something similar, it's quite literally based of the concept of Chaos itself.


The only notable change of one using this power is through there eyes changing to a Bright Glowing Yellow eyes.


When the user is in a state of extreme shock, anger, or disappointment this ability will activate either the user likes it or not it will randomly create Structures, Items, and visualizations from the users thoughts.

This ability seems to have no actual limits it has been seen to create entire towns and in some cases entire alternate timelines though this is limited to the actual users capability this can tax the user beyond there limiters hurting them more than helping depending on what it creates. The items created can also hurt the user and not the opponent depending on how the users current thought process is.

Some users through training have mastered this and made it there own power. People with mastery over this magic obtain one thing they truly wish for be it immortality, a person, or even creating a entirely different reality where a event has not happened.


While this ability seems unstoppable when activated it has a handful of weaknesses not only can it help any opponent, it also can disrupt the users train of thought if it lingers for too long. People with this ability also tend to experience multiple other issues like Anger Outbursts, DID, and Bipolar disorder.


  • This abilities creation was inspired by Arthur Pendragon from The Seven Deadly sins. (As well as where it's image originates from.)
  • This is a spec that existed before the creators knowledge of Jojo meaning they simply edited a existing spec into the universe for fun.