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Breakthrough is a spec with unknown origins, it is recognized for its ability to turn it's user berserk often ending in horrible self hurt.

The ability was derived from the concept of a berserker, one who fights in a horrible violent fury. To gain the ability is to gain the ability to kill (or attempt to kill) anyone while in a blind rage, demonstrated several times in history, a famous example is from Sasaki Kojirō in his battle against Miyamoto Musashi however dying shortly after.

In the era of abilities, people with this trait slowly began showing up in reports of serial killers, fighters, martial artists, and several others and most prominently mastered by someone named "Zaria Clina", a knight in medieval ages.


Notable changes induced by users of this is can be changing the look of a users stand if they are without one (or anything else resembling a stand) they emit a dark aura from their own body, often showing signs of rabidness such as drooling.




  • The ability was reworked to resemble Madness Enhancement from the Fate Series, but become highly personalized once the creator got into the concept.
  • This is a spec that existed before the creators knowledge of Jojo meaning they simply edited a existing spec into the universe for fun.