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“Keep up with Block Gun’s strength if you can.” - Calamity


Block Gun is a spec used by Calamity Terra. It is a gun. It can either be used as a gun, or it can be used as The Omniscient Watcher/Omnipotent, Omniscient, and Omniceleritas’s moveset. It has highly concentrated bullets made, and it never runs out.


It appears as a gun. It has multiple spikes on it and wires sticking out. It has numbers capable of setting the strength.


There are numbers labeled on the gun. It can set moves.

Bullet 1

The bullets are as strong as an average child.

Bullet 2

The bullets are as strong as an adult.

Bullet 3

The bullets are as strong as a weight-lifter.

Bullet 4

The bullets can knock someone out.

Bullet Types

When after 4, the bullet can change.

Bullet 5

The bullets can shoot like a pistol.

Bullet 6

The bullets can shoot in a shotgun way.

Bullet 7

The gun is semi-automatic.

Bullet 8

The bullets change where it goes. Like it can go in front of you, then suddenly change direction and hits you from behind.

Bullet 9

The bullets explode when hit.


This takes the longest to reload, however it can destroy an entire building and cause a massive explosion from 1 shot.


  • Block Gun is based of the gag in the A Bizarre Day Wiki where there is a gun and it can shoot out “blocks” to block people.
  • The “You wanna say that again buddy?” quote is based off the first ever drawing of Block Gun