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"I have 20 hearts, none are beautiful." -


Bleedburne, aka Omega is the power gained by Alexis aka Omega of a science experiment with modified alien blood and locked DNA synergizing with personality that transformed him into this mass of monster, gaining powers over some of the human's body's life systems like muscles, veins, blood and cell creation.


Bleedburne has the appearance of a fleshy muscular bloody and veiny buff humanoid for whoever uses it.


No Pain no Gain (passive)

User feels ten times as much pain than a regular human being (negated third form and onwards).

Blood Manipulation

The ability to manipulate blood to boost your stats, regenerate wounds or drain others as well as weapons and projectiles of the fluid.

Vein Manipulation

The ability to manipulate veins similarly to plants. Entrapping, sucking, creating structures for the user.

Proton Power

Use protons or similar energies to increase range and power and fuel energy, create shockwaves even.


The potential to unlock higher forms with more power.


Regenerate wounds, limbs, lost blood with your 20 hearts, but not completely the most fatal ones (becomes scars).

System Tolerance

User is immune to standard burns and poison wounds and can instead incorporate them onto enemies.

Fake Love

User has 20 hearts that produce most of what Bleedburne does as power, they take a long while to regenerate and will release a great amount of energy when damaged as a safeguard. Depleting all will turn the user into a fleshy skinny peach skeleton as a last resort.


  • Bleedburne is the kind of glass cannon power, high risk high reward.
  • Bleedburne has a total of five forms just like Cryopyre (access to first 3 easily).
  • Omega comes from Nitrogenic's world and is his closest friend.
  • Omega is 21 years old.