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Anchor has two forms, one is eye open, while the other is eyes closed. Anchor is small and slim when it has it's eye closed. However, when it's eye is open, it is much more intimidating. When he has enough energy to open the eye, hes slower but can create a orb and all time inside it slows down, as well as he can bring 1 person back each time the eye is open from the dead. However it can only be people who died from stand users other than Anchor.


(feel free to make this look nicer) -- marty

Passive A: "My energy only lasts so long, and your life will last shorter" - The user starts off with 10% energy, attack damage increases and when at 100%, the user can open Anchor's eye. The energy increases when taking and giving damage, and over time.

Passive B: "I'm only getting stronger" - The user generates 1% energy a second

--Eye open--

Q - Stand Summon

Summons stand.

E - Speed Slashes

Anchor dashes forward launching 5 fast slashes dealing 10 damage each

R - Double Swipe (ayo pokemon?)

Anchor unleashes two medium speed slashes with each arm dealing a total of 45 damage

T - Kick Swipe

Anchor launches a low kick sending the target upwards in the air dealing 25 damage

G - Recharge

Anchor stands back forcing the user to stay still and not attack until no loger charging, passive b's speed is tripled while charging

F - Fatal Reckoning

Anchor launches forward unleashing a very fast and large amount of swipes dealing a total of around 190 - 200 damage.

V - Dash

The user dashes forward

B - The Power Of Vison (only can be used at 100% energy)

Anchor opens it's eye, transforming completely and becoming more powerful

(Z X and C are the basics, stand jump roll and block)

-- Eye closed --

Q - summon stand

You get it fool

E - Eradicate

Anchor unleashes several fast punches dealing 90 damage total

R - Devastation

Anchor lets out two hard punches in a row, then uppercuts the user in the air and punches them downward for a total of 130 damage

T - Time Lunch

Anchor creates a small time bubble and turns it into a power sphere and launches it, dealing 50 damage

Y - Crusher

Anchor uses its fist and slams the ground dealing 90 damage to everyone in the blast radius

H - Death Favor (Can only be used once before instantly closing it's eye)

Anchor reaches into a world of people, and takes one stand user out from the dead, who helps fight with the user.

F - Time Slow

Anchor create a bubble (like purple haze in abd i guess) Anyone in it and all moves projectiles and even cooldowns are slowed down until the orb goes away, except for Anchor and it's user

V - Teleport

The user teleports. (doi)

X - Blockade

Anchor create a forcefield around the user, that can be held for 10 seconds, nothing can get through it.

Z - Flight

Anchor grabs the user and flies around in the direction the user wants.

(C is roll)

Anchor closes it's eye after 2 minutes, unless H is used


  • Anchor is a song by Novo Amor, released on the Bathing Beach Ep, released in 2017
  • The appearance of Anchor is based off one of Iammartyb's Lego stand models called "Truth"
  • The stand is almost 5% bigger than a human when it's eye is open
  • Song link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OmKAn8rNbKg


Anchor looking at the people of the dead