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"h u h" - TioTheFan (Tiozafan, ティオザファン)


This Stand and everything about it are completely randomized, It's one huge gamble for what your statistics will be, what your ability will be, basically everything.


The Stand is humanoid in nature with its body appearing to be made out of playing cards it wears a suit of reddish white along with having what appears to be metal gloves with spades, hearts, clubs and diamonds on its gloves.


Ace of Hearts has a mind of its own and is intelligent like an A.I and so Ace of Hearts can suggest strategies and know when people are near by. With Logic, Ace of Hearts can scan a person and show what is known about the person online. But of course Ace of Hearts will listen to its user unless it is really stupid. But, the user can use his determination to get through and convince Ace of Hearts to listen.



Ace of Hearts has a deck of cards which he can use in any situation, the ability works by pulling out a card and using it for the situation needed. The cards however, each has a random ability. Each and everyone from the ace of hearts to joker. It works with a little system: The cards each have an ability that Ace of Hearts can use but it is a gamble since you don’t know what card is picked until shown. The cards are like levels of power for example: Ace of spades would be a very mediocre ability but the king of diamonds would be a very strong and good ability. AOH can use up to 5 cards at a time and also can combine the abilities.

Silver Lining

A gun with dice as bullets, the effects of the bullets depend on what side it hits when shot.


  • These cards CANNOT be destroyed, the only thing that can really scratch it is Ace of Hearts itself.
  • The cards are split into different specialties:
    • Cards Of Hearts: abilities based around the mentality and heart/soul of a person.
    • Cards of Spades: abilities based around attack and generally aggressive abilities.
    • Cards of Diamonds: abilities based around the endurance/defense and healing.
    • Cards of Clubs: abilities based around luck and fate and raising the chances of good cards or bad.
    • Jokers: The abilities of the two joker almost never repeat or stay the same once used. But, the abilities given are very, very strong.
  • Ace Of Hearts can get rid of certain abilities/cards to exchange them for new ones.
    • However, the catch is that Ace Of Hearts or the user will not know what new ability is given. So, there isn’t always a specific single ability Ace Of Hearts would be known for but gambling with abilities.
  • Without the cards AOH can be dull, but he uses hand to hand combat to try to defend or attack.